all the lonely people where do they come from? all the lonely people where do they all belong?


sunday morning ♥

the sunday morning... get her to remember him..his present and his way to make her smile :)
don't you know that someone really miss you..really want you to make her fall in love again.. to learn how to be how she got hang up with the song...
~how she wants to see the rain and feel the clinging of the skin tightly in both of your hands..with his love..with him
~and how it lead her to his hug...
~still found him in darkness and hear him run to her and still want to be with there are no tomorrow...

like no tomorrow and she don't want to leave him.. like how she used to be..when the moment freeze..when the picture frame really don't move.. and the sunday she spent with him..entirely in his presence..and rest slowly in his moves.. and paint with the sway and the passion and that maybe just what she needs and what she her needs in her sunday morning :D

that's why memory are kept and picture are taken and not to be broken .... it always feels the same in her mind love :) hahaha


UFOOOo!!! for KPOP fans

ow yeahh.. I also find some new website that really gonna make kpop fans really's called ufo and it's website that based in korea and fans that want to communicate with their korean idol can give them email there and they will answer it!! aaaa so happy bout it(fluff fluff) but this sites use korean language and it kills me.. =( but somehow i'll find a way to use it waittt forr me hongkii oppa and taeminnn oppa :D

I'm backkk

OMG it's such a long time aq ngakk ol blogg hahha :D
miss the way blogging makes me happy :p
hehhe.. so, I guess...hari2 lburan udah dteng...
tpi bosen ding diruma teruss.. :( rsanya badan kaku smua gtu..bwaannya pingin ngemil trus...
but anyway,i got many great news many good songs especially kpop songs..:)
love rock that body song by the bLACK EYED PEAS..recently xD
i really-really have bad feelings for some person actually...they makes me feels really depressed somehow.and how much they make me really jealouss :( oww nooo
it's killing me :(
and my weight nearly drop down to 50 and it's shock me!!! i don't wanna be fat :( and i"m glad i have tips to lost weight easily... i do treadmill while singing hour each day and do basketball and sit up push up while watching the foods that i eat..especially fatty things.. yeah and it apparently workss!! yey!!