all the lonely people where do they come from? all the lonely people where do they all belong?



it's not love yet..
and i do't know why but I do need you boy.. you're special to me
-baby you saranghe

i need you and i do miss you!

can't wait for you to be back to my life..

as time goes by, this shady girl only think of you

돼지 당신이 그리워


kim yeong jun

무ㅜㅛㅐㅜ홈ㄴ대 everyone! - today theme was about my passion for korea..YES! it's about all the korean madness for this past 3 years :D

and this is why I DO LOVE korean things- I presented to you all Kim Yeong Jun..
1st Korean photographer i found in the Internet and have many great photo portfolio
which is really amazing! :)

this is some of his work..